Fallacies in the Data Visualization Process

Data Visualization workshop

Antwerp Spring Academy, 11 June 2015

Marijn Koolen

University of Amsterdam


Understanding Process

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Seven Steps

Fallacy of Irrelevance?

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Step 0: Asking Questions

“The most important part of understanding data is identifying the question that you want to answer. Rather than thinking about the data that was collected, think about how it will be used and work backward to what was collected.” (Fry, 2007)

Procedural Model

Step 1: Acquiring

Step 2: Parsing

Step 3: Filtering

Step 3: Filtering

Step 4: Mining

Step 5: Representing

Step 6: Refining

Step 7: Interacting

Non-Linear Process

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Understanding Experimentation

Criticizing Visualizations

Criticizing Visualizations

Wrap Up

Thank You!