Historical Network Research

How to Analyse Networks

HNR Workshop 2015

UvA, Amsterdam, 19/06/2015

Marijn Koolen


1. Background

Constitutions & References

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Analysing Networks


Completeness and Contingency

2. Networks & Structural Properties

Types of Analysis

Network Characteristics

Degree Structure

Walks, Trails and Paths

Distance and Diameter

Hypothesis Testing

Clustering & Small Worlds

Wikipedia Linking Guideliens

Toy Example

Actor-Actor Network

Hypothesis About Blockbusters (1/2)

Hypothesis About Blockbusters (2/2)

Technical vs. Social Networks

Clusters and Bridges


Components in Wikipedia & Web


Betweenness Centrality

Generative Mechanisms

Random vs. Scale-Free

Multitype Networks

Weighted Edges

From Global to Local

Analysis Tools

3. Discussion

I Could Use This For...

Wrap Up

Thank You!